Remixes by Caloop

Play  Maybe you have a solo project or a band. Maybe

you’ve got some great songs but they need new life. A different

perspective. A complete overhaul. OR, maybe your songs aren’t

great. Maybe they suck out loud. Maybe you should be arrested

for subjecting your poor listeners to such meaningless tripe.

Either way, we can help! Here are some examples of remixes by

Caloop’s founder Cale Pellick so if you like what you hear, let

him dismantle your precious art and rebuild it – Caloop style!

Play THE CATALYST - by Linkin Park

Play THE SIGN - by Ace of Base

Play HA DI KA - by Galactic

Play I WON'T GIVE UP - by Jason Mraz

Play IF YOU GIVE ME LOVE - by Alex Cuba


Play 504 - by The Soul Rebels


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